Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Street Heat: Don't be Stark in Denmark

(^Kandy Cho in Swash leather jacket, Marc Jacobs dress, and Repetto flats^)

While I always love me some Marc, and Repettos are one of my favorite closet staples, this post is really about that leather jacket. The thick collar, creamy color, and slouchy, oversized sleeves are a very potent cocktail for a jacket unlike any I've ever seen before. And what baffles me most is that leather is a hard material to play around with to produce a piece like this, but it totally works!

The title of this post comes from the photo's origin: Copenhagen, Denmark. Kandy purchased the jacket while she was there and put it to good use right away. 

It's made by Swash, and is (of course) available primarily in Europe  and Japan, and is little known here in the States. Designers Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka both graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Design in London (where their company is now based), and started out selling their funky creations in Japan before hitting Europe.

The styling of this outfit is absolutely on point: the Repettos are shiny enough to be noteworthy, but dark enough not to distract from the jacket, and the similarly muted palette ensures that the outfit isn't labeled as "too much". 

This kind of style is to be expected, though, from Kandy, who grew up between Seoul, Houston, and Toronto and is currently enrolled in Parsons School of Design in Paris. "I definitely feel the Korean influence in my style." She says. "My mom is always sending me really great patterned dresses and fruity colored bags, which they love there." 

Her one style tip? "Accessories make the outfit every time. Like keychains, for example. They aren't just made for your keys anymore...they're like accessories for your accessories! I don't think enough people realize how much a keychain can personalize a classic bag and make it quirky and unique..."

You can check out Swash's bounty online here...and keep an eye out for creations by Kandy Cho: the design student ensures us her multi-cultural vision will make her future line a must have for PCM subjects and readers alike someday. 

xx PCM

What's Haute: So Cute it Hearsts

(^Lydia Hearst in Betsey Johnson at the Bestey Johnson S/S 2008 show^)

I must confess, I'm in love with rompers. I am also obsessed with all one-piece outfits with pockets (dresses, jumpsuits, jumpers, etc.) And truly, I think many of you must be too because I don't really see how anything could be more perfect for the summertime.

This particular piece, one of a few rompers that Betsey sent down the runway, looks like it could be difficult to work with, I'll admit. But the scalloped, bustier-esque neckline with the red trim makes it just the right amount of sexy so that the ballooned bloomers on the bottom half totally work.

Plus, it's short and sweet and it has pockets. And I've already told you how I feel about pockets...

The funky, floral headpiece (it's more standout than a regular headband) is so fun and appropriately so as this is a Betsey Johnson post, after all. I am also loving the little girl "frilly" socks paired with some Mary Janes that complete the whole "kindergarten cool" look. And, of course, the heart-shaped sunglasses are a fantastic item that Nicole Richie seems to have adopted recently...

Would you be next?

xx PCM

Nightcrawler: Patent Leather is Never Waisted

(^Jill Stuart dress, McQueen heels and bag^)

This has to be the coolest woman...ever. I got this shot at the launch party for the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe floor in September '08. It's another shot from the archives that I've wanted to post for ages.

Her slick buzz cut made me a little nervous to ask for a photo at first because I thought she may think I was making a spectacle out of her, but then I just decided I had to go for it because I have never before seen anything so simultaneously outrageous and elegant. So, I told her that she looked cooler than I could ever hope to and she was more than happy to let me snap away. 

In case you can't tell from the photo, the waistband of the dress is patent leather, and the dress itself is silk chiffon. A nice, simple touch is the small black belt in the middle, which is made of regular leather (with a matte finish) and also appears on the cuffs of the dress. I don't know who makes her glasses, but the fact that she's wearing them inside obviously fits perfectly with the whole attitude of the look.

What I love most is that this is the kind of dress that looks like it wouldn't be appropriate for someone her age, but on her it looks just right. And the glass of bubbly is just the icing on the cake...

xx PCM

Street Heat: Easy, Breezy Camera Girl

(^Bag by Balenciaga, Shoes by Converse, Camera by Leica^)

When I saw this girl taking pictures outside the Y-3 S/S 2008 show, I have to admit that I started snapping before I'd even asked permission. Yes, this is bad behavior, but in the world of street style, people often pass by very quickly and this one was just too good to lose.

The leather Converse (tied halfway up, nice touch) paired with the sweet silk dress is an unexpected way to make something saccharine look edgy without trying too hard. The glasses are great, especially considering that she was wearing them before Tom Ford made his version and officially made them cool with the fashion set.

And I love the camera. I mean, sure, she was using it to take photos of the people outside the show just like me...but it's cute enough to make me want to trade in my digital camera for a Leica because it just looks perfect with this outfit!

xx PCM

Monday, April 21, 2008

Street Heat: Ruffled Leathers

(^Sophie Conti, wearing vintage leather jacket and Tsubi jeans^)

I saw Sophie Conti, an intern at fashion PR firm Company Agenda, on the roof of this building at an event for S/S 2008 fashion week in NYC and her outfit was just begging me to take a photo!

The vintage leather jacket is obviously from the 80s, the Heidi braids are like something out of elementary school (love it), and the pale pink feathers make us feel like Big Bird and Miss Piggy had a love child somehow! Add in the fantastic city background and the thousand kilo-watt smile and you can see why this is one of our favorite photos to date.

Props for taking a risk lady, nothing could look more natural...and that is the mark of true personal style.

xx PCM

Nightcrawler: Noizebox

(^Queens of Noize wearing custom pink rhinestone headphones^)

This shot of London DJs Queens of Noize looking sweet in their fresh pink bling headphones is from the Sue Stemp F/W 2008 fashion show at the Maritime Hotel in NYC.

After snapping Leigh Lezark in Sue Stemp (and failing to recognize her, and asking for her name twice), I saw these two getting ready in the DJ booth and was so struck by how cool they looked that it actually took me about 15 minutes to get up the nerve to ask for a photo.

Good thing I did though, because the only thing better than two female British imports on the NY nightlife scene is two female British imports on the NY nightlife scene who are totally nice and have funky style.

xx PCM

Street Heat: Mickey Goes Glam

(^Kenny Kenny in a mask of his own design, and McQueen shoes, of course^)

I got a shot of this fierceness a few months ago at the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe floor launch party and have been dying to show it to the world ever since.

For those of you who don't know, Kenny Kenny is a legendary NYC diva, designer and musician who is constantly making those around her re-examine what it is to be fabulous.

Head to toe black has NEVER looked so fresh. Just look at those gloves, a hard piece to rock (and in patent leather!), that big bow, and those ears! Honestly, in a room full of upper east side stiffs, she worked it out...hard.

For a little peek, you may be able to find her on Wednesdays at Cain for the Bunnychow party, spun by DJ Jesse Marco. I've spotted her there a couple of times with BFF Amanda Leopore, who is also ideal for a PCM post, and who was sporting an outrageous fishnet jumpsuit the last time we crossed paths.

If you do attempt a little style stalking though, you must be dressed to outshine these Queens, which will undoubtedly be tough. Just think: there are very few people who could pull of those ears anywhere other than Disneyland.

xx PCM

Pas Comme les Moutons blastoff.


(^PCM crystal and silk headband^)

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