Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So the United States is now officially in a recession, eh?
We have bigger news.

Pas Comme les Moutons would like to announce our gift to you: we are extending our Recession Sale, now through January 31st, 2009. Every style on the blog is 15% off!

Because we know that you know that headbands make great gifts...for yourself. And because if you might lose your job, you should at least have something pretty to wear on your head.

Take Amee's grandpa for example...he's not worried about the economy. And why not? Because he has a lovely feathered/studded headpiece to keep him warm at night.

E-Mail to place your orders now!

PCM's Unofficial Mascot?

This is a dog. Who looks like a sheep, but is not. So we kind of decided to put a headband on him and make him our unofficial mascot. He loves the T. Rex. Gooooood non-sheep dog.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Circus, Blue rosettes with gold studs and multicolored gems, $98

The Rachel, Feather patch with layered pleated navy silk band

The Ciera, Black iridescent feathers with silver studs and double black beaded leaf $98
(The real one fits like the Goldie Luxe)

Also available in Barette, $58
(Not pictured)

The Angelica

The Angelica
Layered Grosgrain Ribbon Patch on White Raw Silk Band, $78

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PCM trunk show at Henri Bendel (5th and 56th) in New York!!!

October 17th, 18th, 19th!!!!!!!!!!!

We will have a wide selection of rosette, ribbon, and feather pieces!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

what's wear blogpost! !!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008



Various colored rosettes with clear gems and gold studs, $98


Various colored rosettes with clear gems, $88

Madame X

Layered pleats of black velvet with clear gems, $98

The Poppy

Silk rosettes with gem centers, $88
The Chloe

Pale pink chiffon rosettes with clear gems, $98
The Adele

Black chiffon rosettes with black gems, $98

The Jenny

Hot pink chiffon rosettes with black gems, $98

The Flinstone

Layered purple ribbon with turquoise and black gems, $98


Turquoise and clear gems, $118

The Marni

Green patterned rosettes with clear gems, $98

The Bella

Purple silk rosettes with black sew-on gems, $160
As seen on Blair on Gossip Girl!

The Amee

Layers of Purple Silk Ribbon, $88

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Buy Me


Buy Me

The Sabrina

Red and black feathers with black beaded leaves. $108

Buy Me

The Sasha

Large hot pink feathers with interlocking gold embellishments. $75

Buy Me

Black silk ribbon with gold beaded leaves and small gold studs. $75

Black ribbon with Black beaded leaves and small silver studs, $75

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The Dubai

White silk rosettes with turquoise and clear crystals. $98

The Ursula

Purple or Navy silk rosettes with turquoise and black crystals. $98

The Ursula Grand

Purple or Navy Silk Rosettes with turquoise and black sew-on gems. $160

Crystal Turban

Blue silk rosettes with clear crystals sewn on. $160

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Large black and white feather with black velvet ruffles and small black crystals. $98

Goldie Luxxe and Gatsby headpieces

Large green and black feather with black velvet ruffles and small black crystals. $98