Monday, April 21, 2008

Street Heat: Mickey Goes Glam

(^Kenny Kenny in a mask of his own design, and McQueen shoes, of course^)

I got a shot of this fierceness a few months ago at the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe floor launch party and have been dying to show it to the world ever since.

For those of you who don't know, Kenny Kenny is a legendary NYC diva, designer and musician who is constantly making those around her re-examine what it is to be fabulous.

Head to toe black has NEVER looked so fresh. Just look at those gloves, a hard piece to rock (and in patent leather!), that big bow, and those ears! Honestly, in a room full of upper east side stiffs, she worked it out...hard.

For a little peek, you may be able to find her on Wednesdays at Cain for the Bunnychow party, spun by DJ Jesse Marco. I've spotted her there a couple of times with BFF Amanda Leopore, who is also ideal for a PCM post, and who was sporting an outrageous fishnet jumpsuit the last time we crossed paths.

If you do attempt a little style stalking though, you must be dressed to outshine these Queens, which will undoubtedly be tough. Just think: there are very few people who could pull of those ears anywhere other than Disneyland.

xx PCM

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