Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Street Heat: Don't be Stark in Denmark

(^Kandy Cho in Swash leather jacket, Marc Jacobs dress, and Repetto flats^)

While I always love me some Marc, and Repettos are one of my favorite closet staples, this post is really about that leather jacket. The thick collar, creamy color, and slouchy, oversized sleeves are a very potent cocktail for a jacket unlike any I've ever seen before. And what baffles me most is that leather is a hard material to play around with to produce a piece like this, but it totally works!

The title of this post comes from the photo's origin: Copenhagen, Denmark. Kandy purchased the jacket while she was there and put it to good use right away. 

It's made by Swash, and is (of course) available primarily in Europe  and Japan, and is little known here in the States. Designers Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka both graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Design in London (where their company is now based), and started out selling their funky creations in Japan before hitting Europe.

The styling of this outfit is absolutely on point: the Repettos are shiny enough to be noteworthy, but dark enough not to distract from the jacket, and the similarly muted palette ensures that the outfit isn't labeled as "too much". 

This kind of style is to be expected, though, from Kandy, who grew up between Seoul, Houston, and Toronto and is currently enrolled in Parsons School of Design in Paris. "I definitely feel the Korean influence in my style." She says. "My mom is always sending me really great patterned dresses and fruity colored bags, which they love there." 

Her one style tip? "Accessories make the outfit every time. Like keychains, for example. They aren't just made for your keys anymore...they're like accessories for your accessories! I don't think enough people realize how much a keychain can personalize a classic bag and make it quirky and unique..."

You can check out Swash's bounty online here...and keep an eye out for creations by Kandy Cho: the design student ensures us her multi-cultural vision will make her future line a must have for PCM subjects and readers alike someday. 

xx PCM


Anna said...

where can i buy a PCM headband?

Anonymous said...

These are head band hybrids. They're sort of like elegant hats that are small and fit closely to the head. They're richly colorful and luxurious designs. XXXX I want one!